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The Right Way to Podcast

We show you how to podcast in the right way. Our goal is to help  podcast hosts earn revenue with consistency.

Brand Your Show

We’ll show you the best strategies for designing your podcast to attract listeners that will engage w/ your content.

Set Up Your Podcast

You’ll learn the technical steps of adding your podcast to distribution platforms and setting up hosting.

Prepare to Monetize

Even if you don’t want to monetize your podcast yet, we’re going to give you the strategies so that you have the systems when you’re ready

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More about Coach Chris

Christopher Hines is host of the Personal Branding Playbook. He’s been in the podcast industry for six years. After generating over $50,000 and working with over 30 sponsors, Chris began working with other podcasters to launch, market and monetize their shows.

Now Chris speaks at big events such as Podfest, the Outliers Podcast Festival and many more. He’s also co-founded tools for podcasters like Castocity. Chris is the podcast specialist you need!

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