The coach Chris

I help podcasters launch, grow and monetize their shows.

Launch Your Show

I've worked with several hosts to launch their podcasts and reach the top 200 charts. Click below to learn more about the PLK system.

Marketing Plans

I create special marketing plans for podcast hosts that want to grow their audience and attract more listeners. Would you like a Podcast Audit?

Monetize content

Podcast hosts and networks work with me to get their shows sponsored and even create products. Let's develop a plan for your show to generate revenue.


You can view some of my work with previous clients here.

Castocity and PBP

Castocity was built to help podcasters automate their marketing and monetize their show.

The Personal Branding Playbook is now more than a podcast. Check out the software!

Launch Your Show

The Podcast Launch Kit is a list of systems for launching a podcast that will generate revenue and make an impact instantly. This includes:

One on One sessions w/ me, Coach Chris
Launch Kit Workbook
Top 200 Method
Red Carpet Strategy
Monetize Roadmap
And a few other bonuses!

Let's get started launching your podcast!

Podcast Audit

Every podcast needs a marketing plan. We're going to plan a system for your podcast to reach the next level. This plan will include:

Content creation
Asset development
Email list growth
And a lot more!

Set up your Podcast Audit using the link below!

The bag plan

Making money from your podcast requires a plan. We have a process for reverse engineering your income desires and generating the revenue you desire.

Sponsorship Secrets
Product Development
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
And roadmaps to get started!

Use the link below to get started with some of my FREE strategies.

Who I've worked with

I've been working with podcasters one on one since 2015. My programs have helped hosts launch shows, create marketing plans and generate revenue.

Here are a few of the podcasters I've worked with over the years.